Solar Eclipse - 2017

On August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse passed over the US. Astronomy events such as this are fun to watch, but this particular eclipse became such a huge event that traveling far for it would be difficult and time consuming. We did not have to go far to have a great viewing experience.

Solar eclipse information for Tualatin Hills Nature Park

99.45% coverage of the sun won't darken the sky enough to see the stars, but it is enough to see everything darken significantly. We picked a park that had enough tree coverage to obscure the sun. This meant that we were there more for the ambiance of the eclipse and not for viewing it directly. This worked out to our advantage though, as we ran into few other people within the park.

The map of Tualatin Hills Nature Park
The trail through the park
There were aa great number of large spider webs throughout the park

Our final destination within the park was Big Pond. This provided a view over a lake filled with ducks. We arrived about an hour before the eclipse started, and the entire time we were there only heard one other couple nearby.

Big Pond, complete with a nice bench to sit on and watch from
A view of the lake
While awaiting the eclipse, a deer passed by
An iPhone can not fully capture the extent of the darkness, but it can get close